How to get more over the phone interpreter jobs from home

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2018)

Freelance interpreters often have to deal with dead times when they don't have any clients and have to struggle in order to get more over the phone interpreter jobs from home. Some may not be aware of the following quick tips on how to get more clients and that is exactly why we've decided to write more on the subject.

Tips to get more over the phone interpreter jobs from home

An intro on industry status

The interpretation industry has quickly become one of the most competitive sectors these days. Every agency claims to do it better than the other. They all claim to offer high-quality interpretation services at low prices. But submitting your documents for translation and then receiving the translated one within the span of the next twenty hours leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation. The agencies claim to have native speakers as interpreters and insist that they are certified professionals, yet the interpretations are often low quality.

This is why telephone interpreting service does it differently. We prepare both; the client and the interpreter for an on-call conversation where the client can directly converse with the interpreter or with a third party by using the interpreter services. This will clear up any misinterpretations as well as give the client the chance to get all their queries answered by the interpreter who's on the other end of the line.

Build relationships with your clients

The best way to get more over the phone interpreter jobs from home is to build a steady customer-interpreter relationship. If the clients gets to know you and likes the services you've provided, he will be much more likely to use your services again. But, in order to do that, you should keep the following things in mind.

Quality is the priority

If you start out by looking for plenty of customers and compromise your service's quality for a broader clientele, it's only going to cost you in the long run. The first and foremost important factor is to build a reputation. You'll be surprised at how quickly word gets around once you have satisfied your customers with your service and your interpretation skills.

Pricing control

Moreover, pricing is a huge issue for customers these days. Since there's not much else to offer in the interpretation industry but sell your skills, you could quickly start out at cheap rates. Low rates draw customers like a moth to a flame. You can gradually provide your services for the pricing you deem appropriate, but initially, if you start out with cheaper pricing, it'll bring you more customers in less time and with less marketing.


Dealing with over the phone interpreter jobs from home needs a lot of focus and time, one needs to be very particular about the precision and efficiency with which interpretation should be made. Our dedicated team makes sure to keep accuracy as the top priority.


You could let your customers decide the time they need your services. Since it's very necessary that both the customer and the service provider be available for the on-call interpretation to take place, you can allow the customers to set the time as per their convenience. The more comfortable the customers are, the better chance of you building a steady clientele. You should make your hours flexible so that the customers don't feel as if they have to adjust as per your schedule. Make them feel like they've god command when the customers pay for something they demand complete command over it, and if you ensure that happens, they'll definitely come back to you and avail your services again.

While you won't be able to ensure 24/7 availability by yourself, this is a great point to make as the clients will be sure to reach you whenever they need. How to do it? just advice the client that you can be available at just about any time if they want to book in advance.

While not going over various marketing strategies on how to get more over the phone interpreter jobs from home which have been covered in previous articles, the above should give you hits on how to retain and maintain customer relationships which will translate in getting more jobs from your existing clients.

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