5 advantages of using a phone interpretation service

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2018)

Life is getting more comfortable and full of convenience with every passing day. In today's world, every day brings innovative and better solutions to the problems. Talented minds use these innovative technological advancements to provide better services to people in need. One such service, which is a result of technology is the use of telephones to help with language interpretation tasks. A phone interpretation service serves as an excellent mean of communication while cutting off some of the disadvantages of classic face-to-face interpretation services.

Here are the five most highlighted advantages of using a phone interpretation service


The first and the most important advantage is that phone interpreters can be available at very short notice. The instant availability of phone interpreters makes phone interpretation perfect for the medical industries, hospitals in a critical situation in which a foreign medical expert has to be consulted. Need an interpreter urgently? Simply dial in the number of telephone interpreting service and your telephone translator will be provided to you in a matter of minutes.

Does not require set-up

Setting up face to face interpretation set-up requires time, money and availability of resources. Unlike physical interpretation, a phone interpretation service needs a company or an individual to have a personal phone number through which the interpreter can provide the service to the clients. It helps you save your resources, your time as well as your money.

Geographical location does not matter

Another main advantage of using such a service is that it does not require the client, the person the client wishes to communicate with and the interpreter to be in the same room. These people can be in three different locations, but through the means of the telephone, geographical location does not play any part, making interpretation service an easier and a convenient way to start a conversation between two people using different languages.

Helps in staying anonymous

For a telephone interpretation to take place, two people do not have to be in the same room. Phone interpretation can be used in criminal cases in which the translator wishes to stay anonymous so that people do not know who they talked to or confessed their crimes to. This phone interpretation service is a perfect way to provide interpretation while maintaining the anonymity.

Low cost

The fifth advantage that makes the service perfect for small projects is its low cost. As discussed earlier, the cost required to set-up a physical meetup point is no longer an expense, you can simply connect with a phone call.

These are the five major advantages of using a phone interpretation service. Even though it has so many advantages, it is good for smaller projects and suitable for big projects in which more than two people are involved, but it can't be used in a court hearing for instance.

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