Tele-interpretation and tele-interpreters are the future of language interpretation

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2018)

Tele-interpretation and tele-interpreters are two rather new terms for telephone interpreting and phone interpreters which have emerged in searches recently. What are the advantages of using this technology instead of the old interpretation way? Find out in this article.

The advantages in using tele-interpretation and tele-interpreters

Tele-interpretation is the process of interpretation via a phone call. If two individuals are in the same location, but they do not speak a common language, tele-interpreters are engaged and the interpretation is done in real time, by phone. Meanwhile, if the two individuals who need to communicate with each-other are not in the same location, the phone interpretation is performed via a third party call, which is another advantage of tele-interpretation. The phone interpreter listens to the “A” party speech and once finished, he/ she translates it for the “B” party. Once the B party provides feedback the tele-interpreters render the information on “A” language. Usually, the phone interpreter waits until the speech is finished and then proceeds with the interpretation.

Normally, a phone interpreter is not asked or expected to provide its opinion on the matter of discussion, nor should he/ she alter the meaning of the message delivered from both parties. Since all the communication with the tele-interpreters is done remotely, it doesn't really matter where the linguists are, they can be anywhere in the world, and by getting interpreters from all over the phone, interpretation companies can assure 24/7 coverage.

There are several advantages of tele-interpretation, most of which are strongly related to the efficient approach in terms of time management and budget management as well.

In terms of comparison with the in-person interpretation, it has the below advantages:
  • It is cheaper
  • It is more feasible
  • It does not require traveling
  • It does not need a contract
  • It can be delivered any time 24/7 with no rigorous schedule
  • It measures the costs up to the last second of interpretation. You pay only what you get
  • There are tele-interpreters available for any language combination.

Of course, there might be other advantages to be added to this list depending on the purpose of using the telephone interpretation. For example, in certain cases, confidentiality might be one of the top priorities. Maintaining individual confidentiality cannot be fully achieved with an in-person interpretation, whilst with the tele-interpretation it can.

Obviously, while there are quite a few companies providing such services, you need to be diligent in what you choose. Some may not be able to offer 24/7 coverage, or could not have interpreters for your language combination. Although companies do take efforts in partnering with enough interpreters, there could be gaps every once in a while.

We offer tele-interpreting services and we ensure full coverage for all languages. We also provide the interpretation system to companies who need to use a fully automated system instead of the old way of having an operator to take the call and connect clients with interpreters. Whether you need tele-interpretation services or the system for your agency, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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