Why telephone interpreting rates are lower than face to face

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

Telephone interpreting rates differ from one company to another and in the end, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. Quick, efficient communication across languages restrictions and cultural divides are essential to a business’ success in today’s global marketplace. To capitalize on new possibilities in abroad, effective communication is key to carrying the best possible message, so it’s vital you work with the best.

Telephone Interpreting Rates are Lower Than Face to Face Interpretation Costs. Why is that?

Telephone interpreting is a service that combines human interpreters via telephone to people who want to speak to each other but do not understand a common language. The telephone interpreter turns the spoken language from one language to another, allowing listeners and speakers to understand each other. 

How Can Telephone Interpreting Service help?

•    Quality telephone interpreters: All our telephone interpreters are experienced, professionally qualified mother tongue translators who specialize in telephone format interpretation. We cater to a different client base, including government agencies, local authorities, legal and financial organizations, buyers, credit controllers, and sales professionals. We cater to clients with the more specialist subject matter by the use and development of terminology and glossary banks.

•    Total availability: Our interpreting services are 24/7 there to help you, despite the time zone or time of day. No matter where you are on the earth, our services help you to speak to your contact in moments, for as long or short as you like. All our telephone interpreting rates are charged by the second and are created to suit your particular use, all at low charges and with no extra charges.

•    A secure, confidential solution: We use the latest telephone interpreting technology to deliver a 100% reliable, sensitive and safe solution. All our interpreters are vetted and are party to our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Telephone interpreting rates are cheaper!

Telephone interpreting cuts out the interpreter travel costs and time, hence making the overall price far lower. Unlike face to face interpreters, for whom you also have to give travel costs, food and maybe even accommodation expenses in addition to their hourly rate, you always only pay a basic price for our telephone interpreting service and just for the original interpreting service given.

Telephone Interpreting is private!

If you are experiencing a condition in which you do not want a third party present, then telephone interpreters are the best option. Since they are not present in the place, then many clients feel less opened (this is particularly appropriate for sensitive conditions or individuals with specific cultural systems) than when using a face to face interpreting service.

Telephone Interpreting is quicker!

A sitting with a telephone interpreter can take place far more quickly than a face to face interpreting service. As such, telephone interpreters are excellent for emergency conditions.
Not satisfied yet? Try our telephone interpreting service for 30 days, subscription free. Please note that you have to purchase your phone number for one month and upload your calling credit (create your account in Call centric) to start using our service. DID numbers start from 15 euro per month.
We are currently offering our telephone interpreting platform in English, but more languages will be available soon. Check out our telephone interpreting rates! We are convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised!

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