Easy-to-use phone interpreting services for real-time interpretation conferencing

Telephone-interpreting-service.com is software delivered as a service. We have designed a fully-automated telephone interpreting system that enables language agencies to quickly provide phone interpreting services to clients worldwide, 24/7.

Fully automated phone interpreting services.

We operate through secure servers and maintenance is free, as part of your subscription. No software to install. No complicated instruction manuals. Just open an account and go.

Our system provides you the flexibility to work with an advanced and easy-to-use infrastructure for real-time interpreting conferencing. We've got all kinds of features that will help you build your own phone interpreting services easily and increase your profit:

We’re serious about security & quality.

Our secure infrastructure is always up and accessible from every operating systems, as well as browsers. The system meets ISO standards for sound insulation, dimensions, air quality, and accessibility. It can be used for:
  1. Phone interpreting Services
  2. Telephone Conference interpreting Service

Customize your account to look & feel like your company

  • Include your company logo on your system webpage
  • Upload your own .wav files to personalise the system. Note this is only with introductory messages.

Keep track on what is happening in your telephone interpreting system

  • See all clients’ call logs
  • Extract your interpreter’s personal and payment details
  • See all clients’ details in the system

Easily manage your interpreting system

    • Let your own interpreters register in your website
    • Send emails to your interpreters in your system regarding important notifications
    • Recruitment system available
    • Extract your interpreter’s personal and payment details
    • Clients can upload money to their account using paypal, moneybookers or credit card; or the administrator can add money to a client's account, for example in the case of issuing invoice at a later date. See How it works
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Ready made Phone Interpreting Services for all your language interpretation needs.