How it works

There are no initial setup costs but you have to purchase your own telephone number through our system which is available at a low monthly fee.
  1. Choose the number you want to have in the country that you prefer.We have tested a list of call providers who can provide outgoing calls with your interpreter and have found Callcentric to be of the best quality. You have to sign up for an account via our system so you have credit to make the call. For their rates please see
    1. After registration, you will receive an email with the details.
  1. Make sure that you upload your own recorded introductory message so that it can be automatically added to your telephone interpreting system.
You can use your online account to manage your clients, interpreters, call logs, turnover, profit and payments to your interpreters. There is also a complete messaging system to allow your interpreters to reply quickly to registrations.  

Your clients and interpreters

Your clients and interpreters can register through your website that telephone interpreting service will have available for you. Your client will receive a client number and PIN by email. You have two options:
  • let the client upload money or
  • issue an invoice and then manually upload money into the system for your client
For the interpreter, you can have a fixed rate for all interpreters in the system or approve the rate provided by the interpreter. The system has importing options for clients and interpreters, if you have an existing telephone interpreting system and you want to switch over to our system. The system will automatically call the interpreter based on the ID number or based on a choice of languages (through voice recognition). The telephone interpreting system will then call a group of interpreters in the selected language combination. The interpreter will hear the clients’ introductory message and can accept or decline the call. The next group of interpreters will then be called automatically to make sure that you have an interpreter on the phone for your client as soon as possible.

You can also use our system to make a conference call. The client’s customer will be autodialed by the system using the number provided by the client. The interpreter will then be added to that meeting and the conference call is established.

We also have a special feature where your client can talk to particular interpreter, they can choose the interpreter based on the ID number. There is also an option to receive recordings of the calls made, free-of-charge, which will be sent to your client by email .