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Why telephone interpreting companies should use our platform

Communication is a magical phenomenon, but what's even more amazing are the means of communication in the twenty first century. Yes, we are talking about telephones, the fastest communicator, now turned into an instant interpreter. Telephone interpreting companies are faster, reliable, cheaper and undeniably the best option to choose when it comes to fast interpretation. […]

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5 advantages of using a phone interpretation service

Life is getting more comfortable and full of convenience with every passing day. In today's world, every day brings innovative and better solutions to the problems. Talented minds use these innovative technological advancements to provide better services to people in need. One such service, which is a result of technology is the use of telephones […]

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Practical guide for a professional conference interpreter

There is a need to maintain standards and quality as a professional conference interpreter. As an interpreter, you already know that you must protect your image by having great quality, integrity, and professional ethics. The guide discussed below serves as an advice for both beginners and seasoned, professional conference interpreters or interpreters that just completed […]

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Simultaneous interpretation and how to get better at doing it

A simultaneous interpreter is someone that translates speech simultaneous in real time from one language to another and the other way around. Back in the day, during a simultaneous interpretation session, the interpreter used to sit in a booth that was sound- proof and relay the received message or speech to the listener in their […]

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10 Tips on How to Promote Your Interpretation Skills

As a new freelance interpreter you need to keep promoting or marketing yourself in order to get work and become successful.  10 ways for you to promote your interpretation skills Set up a website -- Having a website to place in your email along with your signature, to direct your clients to, gives you a […]

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Quick history of simultaneous interpretation

When talking about the history of simultaneous interpretation and how it was developed, it is essential to make a clear difference about its general backgrounds, how it started and how it reached the modern way we know and use in present times, with all its technical equipment and the interpreter into a booth. History of […]

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Interpreter Training Online: Conference Interpreting

There is a variety of specialties that an interpreter can choose to specialize. One of them is Conference Interpreting. This kind of interpreting training online has its own challenges and therefore it requires specifics methods to be applied. Although first conference interpreters were not trained for this, nowadays it is a well developed discipline with […]

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Business and marketing tips for freelance interpreters

Since the first moment you start offering your services as one of the many freelance interpreters out-there you must be aware that you have taken one step ahead to become an entrepreneur and a small business on your own. Although it offers numerous advantages it also brings some new responsibilities if you want to survive. […]

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How can a phone interpretation platform help a start-up interpretation agency

An interpretation agency is an interpretation service provider that offers a large gamma of language solutions. These agencies are compounded of a number of professional language experts that are engaged to provide interpretation services over the phone or through other non in – person channels of communication. Advantages for an interpretation agency The way an […]

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Why use an automatic interpretation system over an operator-led one

An automatic interpretation system was some time ago a futuristic application and it's now a reality. Although it has already been conceptualized and it is also being used, we are not yet ready to consider it as a completed project and always working on it in order to make it better and better. Translation professionals […]