Is simultaneous interpretation possible over the phone?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2019)


Among the options for remote simultaneous interpretation, phone simultaneous interpretation has emerged as one of the most accessible ways. Multilingual business or personal calls may consume a lot time. Simultaneous translations may reduce the time up to the half and when it is done properly it can benefit the flow of the conversation. However, due to the immediacy of the interpretation that requires exceptional skills from the interpreter to listen and talk at the same time, it is necessary to rely on good technical and sound specifications that guarantee interpreters and participants to listen properly.

The best intraducto on the phone  

The state of the technology, interpreters and customers are ready to embrace the phone system. However, technical specifications must comply high technical standards to be delivered with all its benefits. International interpreter associations such as The International Association of Conference Interpreters and The American Translators Association have agreed about what are the best sound and technical conditions. According to them, ISO standard 2603 for fixed booths and ISO standard 4043 for mobile phones require that the system reproduces audio-frequencies from 125 Hz up to 12500 Hz. Devices which can reproduce that quality of sound may qualify as ideal to provide phone simultaneous interpretation services. Unfortunately, not all the devices and sound providers can guarantee this high standard and only those who can offer this level of quality will succeed to offer the best phone service.

There are many aspects to be considered when choosing a style of interpretation for phone calls. A variety of purposes and situations that may include businesses, emergency situations and personal reasons may define weather simultaneous interpretation over the phone is the best solution. In any case, the best guide must be the time that must be invested in the conversation and the technical specifications as described in the paragraph above.


Importance of Simultaneous Interpretation • It offers efficient communication: It provides all delegates an equal chance to speak their mind and hear in their language. This is called an interactive discussion where no one feels left out due to a language barrier. • Better Result: Normally international issues need a lot of work in putting everything collectively. Interpreting ease at a gathering can avoid a frustrating consequence by ensuring the correct information is put out there to all the members. • It saves time: It saves time in having to interpret all the documents of the talks at a later step and having them assigned to the members. Time is of the essence at all global cases, mainly if hosted by the United Nations. Real-time interpretation assures that everyone is aware of what is being explained. • Accuracy: Accuracy is guaranteed with simultaneous interpretation as the interpreter directly relays what the speaker is speaking. In consecutive interpreting, the proper delivery of the messages depends on the data and what the interpreter learns. • Communication in all its Fullness: As the interpretation is done real-time, information is not lost. It allows the members to express their opinions, ideas, and concepts comfortably in the language they usually use.


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