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Is simultaneous interpretation possible over the phone?

Telephone-interpretation Among the options for remote simultaneous interpretation, phone simultaneous interpretation has emerged as one of the most accessible ways. Multilingual business or personal calls may consume a lot time. Simultaneous translations may reduce the time up to the half and when it is done properly it can benefit the flow of the conversation. However, […]

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Where can telephone interpreting be used and what are the advantages

Everywhere and for almost any purpose! This is the main strength of phone interpreting. You can use and get its benefits regardless of the time and the purpose.  If you are a business owner dealing with transport or products and services being imported or exported you can benefit from the phone interpreter. If you are […]

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How to find good interpreting jobs online?

  Good Interpreting Jobs Online Interpreting jobs online,  in this blog we tell you how to find a good services. Nowadays, the interpretation market is jammed with all kinds of tricksters, fraudsters, and all level of amateur interpreters, like those who are looking for a second, third or fourth job. If you fit in one of these […]

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The future of interpretation: will tele-interpretation take over?

Will tele-interpretation take over? The future of interpretation will take over the tele-interpretation? Posing this question is a challenge! Answering to this question is challenging challenge. Anyways, we can try to derive certain ideas and assumptions based on what already experienced and the results of telephone interpretation so far.   First of all, when we […]

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Medical telephone interpreting, what should I know?

  Medical telephone interpreting what you should know? in this post we tell you everything. Telephone interpretation is applicable in the medical environment more than one can imagine. It seems like medical representatives have discovered a number of beneficial elements in this interpreting service solution. But, why? What are the reasons why the medical representatives […]

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Why choose phone interpretation over the classic method

Why choose phone interpretation over the classic method Choose phone interpretation over the classic method are better an easy. Since phone interpretation services emerged, people who used classic face to face interpretation methods have wondered why it would better for them to choose phone services instead. Those who have used interpretation services for the first […]

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The Most Common Myths of Telephone Interpreting

Did you know that the world of telephone interpreting is common? Myths of telephone interpreting make you think badly. There have been a number of discussions and suppositions made in relation to the telephone interpreting. Anyways, the world of professional translation and interpretation is commonly and continually trying to oppose these old believes by providing […]

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The correct process for your immigration

Are you excited to make a new change in your life? But there are a lot of ways in which a thing can go wrong. If you are making a big change in your life then you have to consider all the factors. Risk taking is a part of life but that doesn’t mean that […]

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How to find a good interpreter by phone job?

Where can you find a well-paid interpreter by phone job? We can help you today! Interpreter by phone job? It's much easier than you think to find an interesting offer. You simply have to know where to look! Every job has its pros and cons. We all weigh them before joining a firm. And that’s […]

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Where can you find well paid language interpretation jobs?

Looking for language interpretation jobs? We can help! Language interpretation jobs that are well-paid are not so easy to find. However, with a little bit of patience and help from professionals, you will land a good position. Language is the most fundamental element of communication. If you can’t speak a language the other person understands, you […]