The Most Common Myths of Telephone Interpreting

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Did you know that the world of telephone interpreting is common?

Myths of telephone interpreting make you think badly. There have been a number of discussions and suppositions made in relation to the telephone interpreting. Anyways, the world of professional translation and interpretation is commonly and continually trying to oppose these old believes by providing concrete reasoning. 
  • Anyone can act as a telephone interpreter as long as he/ she possesses bilingual or multilingual language abilities.
Through this definitions derives the meaning that even our bilingual friends who have acquired language knowledge because of different life situations might act as phone interpreter to a legal issue being discussed over the phone? Needless to mention that this is totally impossible. A telephone interpreter possesses several techniques and tools that enable him/ her to succeed, apart the linguistic abilities.
  • There's some myths of telephone interpreting one of them is that the phone interpreters are not specifically oriented on a matter. They can interpret any type of subject.
Language is an immense organism. A phone interpreter/ interpreter cannot excel in any type of subject since the related terminology might be highly specific. Some phone interpreters might be specialized in engineering field, some in legal and administrative, others in cultural and tourism field. Thus, you need to preset your subject of interpretation in order for the telephone interpreting service providers meet your desired expectations.
  • Automatic interpretation is substituting the phone interpretation since they are similar.
This can be considered one of the most wrongly interpreted beliefs. Automatic interpretation functions through a soft solution which is based on a pool of words and linguistic rules internally memorized. Using speech recognition these applications are able to render into the desired language simple and standard sentences. Automatic interpretation can be considered a feasible solution for traveling purposes, but it cannot be used for complex and dynamic phone conversations that are highly unpredictable and can be managed only with the support of human logic.

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