Telephone Interpreting Service Launches an Automatically & Revolutionary System at an Unbelievable Price

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2012)Florida, USA—August 10, 2011— Telephone Interpreting Service® announces the launch today of a revolutionary telephone interpreting platform that brings a new level of simplicity to the world of telephone interpreting, making it easier for every language agency to offer translations on the phone. This system makes telephone interpretation both effortless and affordable.

“Telephone Interpreting Service® is an advanced technology that defines an entirely new category of telephone interpreting. It’s completely amazing: Dial a number, state your query and it connects to an interpreter” said Anita, president and CEO of Telephone Interpreting Service®.

Telephone Interpreting Service® features a next-generation interpreting platform that offers a ready-made system to translate over the phone. It is a very comprehensive service based on many variables that are continuously changed: CLIENT, INTERPRETER and ADMINISTRATOR.
No dispatcher is involved in the interpreting calls. The system searches and selects its information from three sources: Clients’ account, Interpreter’s database and a few variables managed by the administrator.

System Features
TIS is a completely built-in service that offers a robust interpreting solution that works for both simple or conference interpreting calls with lots of features and capabilities:
  • Own website for every client: With the subscription and free trial account you will have your own company page login.
  • Interpreter reports: availability report – filters on languages, availability by hours and by time zone.
  • Clients’ report: history of the client’s calls; payments balance.
  • Administrator’s menu: interpreter’s calls history; custom fee for a specific interpreter, different from the general fee for the interpreters. The administrator can send standard messages to the interpreter (incorrect phone number, missing bank details) or to type a custom message. A text editor is available here.
  • You can offer special reduced rates and special phone numbers, which can be dialed in case your client needs to have a telephone interpreter quickly.
  • Voice recognition – makes it easier for the client to say the requested languages than to remember language codes.
  • Two possibilities of being connected to an interpreter: ID based, when the client knows the interpreter’s ID and language combination based, when the client chooses the language pair and relies on the system to select the interpreter.
  • Performance rating system: Rating points are obtained or deducted based on the availability and the quality of the interpreting.
Our precise automatic platform makes over-the-phone-interpretation an entirely new experience, dramatically faster and more helpful than pre-booked phone interpreting.

Pricing & Availability
Telephone Interpreting Service® is available with different subscription options for small translation agencies/companies or those needing a high volume of calls. You can use your own interpreters with this system or you can use the free database that is offered and include those interpreters in your system.
The subscription-based service features zero infrastructure, license, or software costs, thereby eliminating capital and minimizing operating expenses for LSPs and their customers alike. There is no need to have live agents to connect the call. You can save a lot of fixed costs by using our telephone interpreting service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Test our Service
Call +1-302-380-4019 And Use Client Number 123123 and Pin 1234 And Test The Telephone Interpreting Service for Free or Sign Up for a 30-Day Free Test Account.

Large companies can benefit too from having their own telephone interpreting line, making amazing savings. Costs can be cut by more than 70 percent. A large database of interpreters is available in the system which you can use to add to your account.

Soon, Telephone Interpreting Service will have special language phone lines for call centers and multi-language support departments with amazing state of the art technology which will put a stop to the language barrier that companies automatically expect to find. They can easily expand their overseas market too.

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