The advantages of being a freelance interpreter

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2018)

Ever wondered if you could become a magician and connect people instantly with your linguistic skills? Well, you don't need to be a magician to do that, if you are skilled and want to become a freelance interpreter, you are already doing a wonderful job for people. But we want to give you an even better experience with this job of yours. This is why we have gathered the most helpful yet simple tips that you can follow.

The advantages of being a freelance interpreter

Organizing is the most basic element of any sort of work and an interpreter cannot be exempted from that criteria. It is indeed a very helpful trait for the interpreter to organize a schedule before getting ready for an interpreting session. A freelance interpreter, regardless of what time he chooses for his work, must always make a schedule.

Freelance interpreters must always link up with a company that can provide maximum facilities in terms of calling options, flexibility, and better means of communication with the clients.

And most importantly, telephone interpreting depends mostly on the telephone call itself. Both the speaker and the listener could understand each other well. The quality of the voice should be clear enough to understand both the base language and the interpretation.

Sounds easy? These are in fact easier in implementation. Now let us move on to the advantages of becoming a freelance interpreter.

24/7 Availability

When you read the above sign, what comes to your mind? We see convenience. And this is what the clients would see. If you are a freelance interpreter, the most promising factor of your trade is your round the clock availability.


This is probably the best thing about being a freelancer. Every freelancer on this planet enjoys this privilege. Unlike people doing a 9 to 5 job, freelance interpreters can choose their own hours for working.


In situations, where client are reluctant towards sharing the details of their projects, such as a medical examination or legal matters, only a freelance interpreter can offer confidentiality. Knowing the freelance interpreter that they had contacted understand the code of ethics and keep everything private, makes the clients super comfortable and you can interpret even better.

The Distance Comfort

Although you may not have considered this as an advantage before, it is actually the biggest one. Psychologically, it helps people to talk about their issues when the listener is not in the same room. Similarly, if their translation content is rather unpleasant or confidential, they can trust the freelance interpreter more as they are only connected via phone.

At Telephone Interpreting Service, we make sure that we accommodate our freelance interpreters as much as we can. This is the very reason that we shared all these tips and advantages for freelancers to grab this opportunity of becoming a part of our enterprise.


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