The future of interpretation: will tele-interpretation take over?

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2019)

Will tele-interpretation take over?

The future of interpretation will take over the tele-interpretation? Posing this question is a challenge! Answering to this question is challenging challenge. Anyways, we can try to derive certain ideas and assumptions based on what already experienced and the results of telephone interpretation so far.


First of all, when we think of the Future of interpretation, we can easily derive to the conclusion that it will keep evolving. It started with individual service provision with no regulation at all. It started with a simple solution – meaning one language interpreting. It furtherly progressed and it triggered the necessity for a regulatory management in order to protect the service providers and the customers at the meantime. That is why, based on previous and actual experience we can effortlessly evaluate its progressive future.

But what about taking over the Future of interpretation? Will the tele – interpretation take over the in – person/ escort interpretation? It is relatively soon to provide a clear and reliable answer to this question. We have already experienced the impact it had. A number or companies, business owners, individuals or service providers in different areas are shifting more and more towards the tele-interpretation. Why? Mostly because of the cost efficient nature. This interpretation solution requires less budgeting. No need to travel, no need to pre- arrange weeks before, no need to sign a service provision agreement. Most of the tele- interpretation agencies are offering their services through advance payment. Another benefit is the fact that you pay what you get. Interpretation time is measured up to the exact second, nothing more and nothing less.

Confidentiality! Here we are with another beneficial feature. For all those interpreters who are not willing to personally meet with their clients, they are still able to offer their services through tele – interpreting services. Another benefit on the interpreters’ side is the fact that they can have a better schedule coordination and time management since they will not have to travel from one place to another. It looks like it can be considered as a win – win approach which can be considered the basis of success for any type of business.

With time getting more and more scarce and options getting unlimited, predicting something about a  service, product or a tool could be tricky. Yet when we talk about IA, Mobile apps and Communication services, we know that the future will see a lot more from them. Telephone interpreting service can be called the future of multidimensional and multilingual communication. The new world calls for brands that are global, the ones that are not limited, usable or useful for only one country. It would be considered rather ridiculous and unwise to have a company or enterprise operating in a single region. Therefore, telephone interpreting services can be of a huge help to everyone. As we spoke about time, situations where immediate solutions will be inevitable, such as in legal and medical, telephone interpreting service will definitely solve the problem for humanity on different levels. This is why Telephone Interpreting Service is offering interpreters for hundreds of languages so that the world remain connected, without any trouble, even in the future.


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